Torx Head Wood Screw

In the construction of climbing walls as well as wooden structures, torx head wood screws are widly used. It’s performance is better than other head type, such as Phillips pan head screws.

The main applications in climbing walls industry are as follows.

  • Commercial climbing gyms are using screw-in type T-Nuts, with two holes or three holes, using screws to fix them to the wood panels will make the T-Nuts more solid, greatly reducing the loosening rate, also reducing the maintenance cost of the climbing wall.
  • Some climbing wall support system is a wooden structure, wood to wood through the Steel wood timber connection, then the plum head wood screws are also used in large quantities. In actual construction, users will feedback that they are easier to be set into the wood inside. There is a stronger grip.

The features of Leeta Torx Head Wood Screw for Climbing wall plywood construction.


Dimension Screw Driver
M4.5X45 T20
M4.5X70 T20
M4.5X80 T20

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