Climbing wall turnbuckle

A turnbuckle is a connection point that offers adjustable slack and tension for your project. They could be used for your climbing wall construction.

As a designer or contractor, you should be familiar with each type and the characteristics of each to make sure the correct one is being used.

Well, it’s very easy. The different types come in different combinations of end fittings.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the most common types as below

  • Jaw and Jaw
  • Eye and Eye
  • Hook and Hook
  • A combination between any of them, such as jaw and hook.

You can use any combination of these fittings to satisfy the project’s needs. Very flexible.

For some projects, you may need a special end fitting which means “just perfect” for your design.

In this case, the regular types are probably not the best idea. Don’t worry, just talk with us and let us know your project requirement, we could work out a good solution.

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Features of Steel Frame Structure Hinges



Size (A)/mm B/mm L/mm F/mm S/mm BL/kg WT/kg
M4 58 102 10 5 120 0.024
M5 72 122 11 7 200 0.041
M6 91 149 11 8 360 0.081
M8 121 195 15 9 800 0.148
M10 152 238 15 13 1200 0.278
M12 201 308 20 16 1500 0.506
M16 250 380 26 23 2400 1.120
M20 297 464 30 25 3200 2.004

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