Which type T-Nuts is best for your climbing gym?


Are you planning to purchase T-Nuts for your climbing gym? You would probably have those questions in mind: Which base is better? Round base, rectangular base, or OEM base, such as diamond base? What’s the load requirement? How to do the load test? And which lab could do this test? Well, then this article is […]

Three wooden fingerboards for exercising hand strength.

For this article, I would like to recommend three wooden fingerboards for exercising hand strength. Why do I recommend these three to you: because the feedback from customers on these models is better. We hope they will help you too.First: I made a simple table, so you can quickly have a preliminary understanding of these […]

How to choose good quality T-Nuts for home climbing wall?

Chamfer Details for climbing wall T-Nuts

Planning to build your own climbing wall? You would need some good quality T-Nuts. As they determine the solidity of your climbing holds , and if there would be much maintenance works after installation. We often hear climbers complain that the T-Nuts spit out after some time running. So I decided to write an article […]